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             Locally owned and operated since 1977

Bauer's Eden Valley Furniture has been in business since 1977. Founded by Leon Sachinek, the store opened the week of the infamous Blizzard of '77. Leon operated as Leon's Eden Valley Furniture until 1994, when it was purchased by Ellen Bauer, who continues to own it today.


Eden Valley Furniture's staff strives to make your shopping experience a pleasant one. The knowledgeable sales staff has over 30 years of experience in home and interior design. You are not pressured into a purchase. Instead, the staff does its best to help you find the style and comfort that suits your lifestyle.

We strive to carry American made furniture products. Our mattresses are made right here in Western NY. Our upholstered pieces come from New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee.

We have 6 month free layaway, free delivery, and free setup of your new furniture.

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